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SYNC® lets you use your phone, browse and choose music and find your way to just   about anywhere - all while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Our Technology Specialists are happy to offer assistance with the technology in your Ford vehicle,   even if you didn't purchase it from us.

We are happy to offer the following services:

Phone & Email Support • Troubleshooting     One-on-One Consultations • Software Updates on all of the technologies in Ford vehicles, including:

MyFord Touch
SYNC Services
Active Park Assist

Learn how to easily pair SYNC with your mobile device

SYNC and Your iPhone

SYNC and Android Together


  • Connect your mobile phone/MP3 via Bluetooth
  • Hands free calling and texting
  • Automatic phonebook downloading
  • Voice command your MP3 player
  • SYNC Service including:
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Business Search
  • News, Horoscopes, sport, stocks
  • Google Maps and MapQuest "send to" feature: allows you to send directions from your computer to your car.
  • 911 Assist: call 911 in the case of an accident
  • Vehicle Health Report: automatically or on call
  • APPLink: control selected phone applications using SYNC
  • Twitter via. OpenBeak
  • Pandora
  • Stitcher

SYNC w/MY Ford Touch

  • Control MYFord Touch your way choosing between voice command, 4-way  steering wheel controls or using the touch sensitive center consul and  screen
  • Use your Music and Photos using SD, USB, A/V and Bluetooth ports
  • HD Radio and iTunes songs TAGing with SIRIUS radio rewind and playback
  • Play video through the 8" touch screen
  • Turn your vehicle into a WiFi hotspot
  • MYTemp saves your temperature settings
  • Choose your Ambient Lighting color
  • Create shortcuts to your favorite features
  • Add personalized wallpaper
  • Customize your gauge cluster

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Once my phone is paired with SYNC, is it necessary to have my phone    in the car to make and receive calls?

A. Yes. The SYNC system itself is not a phone, it simply connects to    your phone allowing you to talk hands-free.

Q. How many phones can I pair to the SYNC system?

A. You may pair up to twelve phones. However, only one phone can be    connected at a time.

Q. Why can't I pair my iPhone/Blackberry/Droid/Smartphone?

A. Most smartphones only accept four-digit Bluetooth pins. To get a    four digit pin from your SYNC system, simply press the seek buttons when    the six-digit pin is displayed. Once you see the option "special pin"    press OK. If you have a navigation system or MyFord Touch, turn    discoverable/visible mode on (on your smartphone). Then press the "Find    Other Devices" button.

Q. How do I make a call using my SYNC system

?A. Press the voice button. After the prompt, say "Call ". If you would    like to dial a number say "Dial".

Q. How do I get my iPod/mp3 player to play?

A. Once you have your device plugged into the USB port, press the voice    button and say "USB." If you plug it into the Line In port, say "Line    In".

Q. Can I stream through my Bluetooth device?

A. Yes! Once your device is connected through Bluetooth, press the    voice button and say "Bluetooth Audio".

Q. I'm registered for SYNC services. How do I access it in my vehicle?

A. Press the voice button and say "Services".

Q. Where do I go to retrieve my Vehicle Health Reports (VHR)?

A. Your Vehicle Health Reports can be retrieved under your account at

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